Caring for the street children of Asuncion

A couple joined Calvary Chapel Oxford in summer 2005 and both have a heart for Paraguay, visiting the country (shown in purple on the map) whenever they can.

While on such a visit in 2005, they learned of a project run by a group of Christians from the Centro Familiar de Adoracion, a church in Asuncion, which is seeking to help needy street children from some of the poorest areas of the city.
Project Koe’ju, which means ‘dawn’ in Guarani (the native language of Paraguay), was born of a desire to prevent these children from falling into a life of drug addiction, prostitution and crime.

The project now works with up to 500 families from the Chacarita area to help educate and feed the children and to give them an appreciation of their value in the eyes of God. Since it began in March 2006, the project has grown to regularly feed up to 300 children 6 days a week. In fact, the growth has been such that leaders Luis and Olga Manfredi have gone full-time with both Sunday services and a daily 6.00am prayer meeting.

Please pray that God would provide more helpers and sufficient finance to continue to grow this valuable work.

South East Asia

We are involved in both the practical and spiritual support of The Messengers.

The Messengers provide support and encouragement to Christians in countries where they are restricted or persecuted in practising their faith with particular emphasis given to the needs of tribal or minority groups.

Due to the level of persecution that exists in this part of the world, we cannot post any information which might further endanger the lives of many church pastors and their families. However, we would value your prayers for the persecuted church in this part of the world.



Calvary Chapel Oxford also supports ministries in Israel and regularly holds Prayer for Israel meetings.